Pacific Water & Power EP

by Terminal A

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released July 7, 2014

Produced by Greg Krish
Executive Producer Luka Fisher

Engineered by Greg Krish and Will Munroe
Recorded at The Meat House, San Pedro, CA

Vocals by Colin Peterson
Guitar by Lee Busch
Everything else by Machines

Records Ad Nauseam AD-8028



all rights reserved


Terminal A Los Angeles, California

Terminal A is an Industrial/Synth Punk duo formed in late 2012 by vocalist Colin Peterson and guitarist Lee Busch. The group consists of vocals and heavily processed guitar played live over programmed backtracks. The music is a blend of wide-ranging influences, including early Minimal Wave and Electronic groups, as well as early L.A. Punk and Hardcore, and well as modernist aesthetic movements. ... more


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Track Name: Oedipus Kiss
Well I saw thunder
Waves of roaring thunder
Fall as if to slice the sky.
Seas of malcontent
Swirl in sickly spires of sweet resentment.

A storm is brewing
Areal storm reflected in your eyes

My wilted madonna
With weepy black eyes
Broods over what?
And God knows why?

You'd kiss Poseidon's crown
Cold hands drag you down.
You'd gaze up from below
Through the seas you move so slow.

In these foreign tides
You find no respite.
You're not mine.

Oedipus Kiss
I've seen this one play out
I'd rather stay out this time.

You, you and me
We'd jump and hit the floor
Fall forever more
Drift far away.

You'd kiss Poseidon's crown
He'd reach up from below
Pull you real slow
You'd drift so far.
Track Name: Satellite
Babe it seems we've hit a strange liaison
I fell for you quite quick,
Could not define the reason.

I saw you shine so bright
In the night sky,
Lookin' cool cool cool
Like a satellite,
And when you hit the ground
Something in me ignites!

I'm flawed
And I'm fucked
And I'm here
And you're not

And our eyes,
Your gaze,
Won't meet mine!

I saw you stand so tall
Like a carved madonna!
Bloodless hands of ivory,
You know I want ya!

You cad the cool grey gaze
Of Seneca!
I could not hope to break
Your stoic wall!

I love you!
Get the fuck away!
Track Name: Tonight We'll Be Gone
The days they pass so strange
You know what I mean.
I'm barely getting paid
My chick is so far gone
Can't stand living in this old skin
No not tonight
Hey man,
What you doin' tonight?
Let's grab a smoke and go for a ride
A ride to pass the time

As night speeds by
In sleek streamline
We transgress every boundary
Through horizon lines
The sun sinks far beyond
Deep blankets of night
A perfect patch of pitchless black
Just ahead in sight.

Hey man,
Let's go for a ride
A ride to pass the time

Go go kustom kar kommando
Bring this thing to its crescendo
Winding road just may end you
in the end you may just find truth
True blue.

Nothing matters now
How could it matter now?
Nothing matters now
How could it matter now?
Track Name: Queen Mab
Oh Queen Mab
Dean of dreams
Bring to me a stunning scene
'Cause I've been so sick
And I've been lonely
Every day will pass the same
One dull moment bathed in gray
All I can ever say is "if only…"
If only I had a pair of lips as red as wine
Falling swiftly unto mine.
Nimble fingers swift as spiders
Crawling down my thing
I'm all shook up, and I'm in for a surprise
Oh Queen Mab-let's take a stab
I want to know-the decadence of Nero's Rome
Whirlwinds of heaving flesh-my only home
Bathed in the pink perfume of the pleasuredome.

The gray and smokey others
Hangs a while, I gaze forever
Suckle sickly poisons of the dream
You were never there-never what you seemed
You fade away-in sullen gray
Sweet lover fade-right away.

But the sun does shine through my tired eyes
You were never there-much to my surprise
Living in a celluloid pantamime
Every push towards you falls like a crime
And I'm desolate, and I'm desperate
Queen Mab, dean of dreams
Bring to me another stunning scene.

Alright, and ok