Fruits of Gomorrah EP

by Terminal A

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The fruits of Gomorrah; the fruits of excess, are
paid for always in the blood and toil of some
faceless other. The wealth and opulence that
America enjoys is only ever inequity’s most
friendly and seductive side; inequity’s laughter,
if you will.

Its vulgar side, the grimace beneath the
laughter, can be found in the tolls taken in
sustaining opulence: county lines, destabilized
zones, armed global conflict, and the children of
exile washing up dead on the shores of their
intended promised land. The gifts come with

We are mere blood cells in a beast
whose cruelty seems now boundless. A beast who
will break beneath the weight of its hunger, its
hubris, who will find collateral in the dignity of its
citizens and the world at large.

Your freedom is measured in their blood, so go
make yourself sick in a hole. Let guilt hang like a
shroud over every moment, in every smile, and at
the tip of every drunken cigarette.


released March 23, 2018

Produced & Engineered by Sergio Candelario
Mastered by Nick Townsend
THANK YOU: Tony Knox, Sashcloth & Axes, Otzi,
Band Aparte, Egrets on Ergot, Michael Stock,
Mani & Rio, Luka Fisher, Weird Candle, Flesh, F71
Greg Krish, Shadowhouse, Fangs on Fur, Nightmare Air,
Todd Lincoln, Jenny Jaquez, Farida Amar
Rikk & Gitane, JMag, Fernando Berroteran
Dan Warren, Layla Halabian, DM Collins
Chad Swarthout, Bert & Iris, Dave Cantrell
George Garcia, Sheree Rose, Jesse Boredom
CJ & Garrett
PHOTO BY Genevieve Davis
TERMINAL A is Lee Busch (Guitar) & Colin Peterson (Vocals)
All Songs by Busch/Peterson (MeatHaus ASCAP)
© 2018 Terminal A


all rights reserved



Terminal A Los Angeles, California

Terminal A is an Industrial/Synth Punk duo formed in late 2012 by vocalist Colin Peterson and guitarist Lee Busch. The group consists of vocals and heavily processed guitar played live over programmed backtracks. The music is a blend of wide-ranging influences, including early Minimal Wave and Electronic groups, as well as early L.A. Punk and Hardcore, and well as modernist aesthetic movements. ... more


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Track Name: A Solution
To hit the wall of night so iron clad
Held cold and reflexive, man! We’re gonna crash
Bereaved in rotting fruits of nights to run us dry
Wasting time at arms as beauty slowly dies

And this dead world within you
has found a point to pass through

Impassive night would crucify
the flimsy flesh of bunk desire,
We’d cause a scene for the voyeur
Old wounds on display for the voyeur
Pathologies to destroy us
we’d sink low - we’d ride high
lovers bitter will to try

I’m cold alone and naked lying in my room
Living in your eyes, i hate what I’ve become
I’m cold alone and naked lying in my room,
wandering your dead land looking for the moon
The flimsy light contains encoded histories
that may hold an image of you I could keep

No time to think so grab a drink
we’d move, move, move this way
Move in disillusion - move in destitution
Move - find a solution
Track Name: Tonight We'll Be Gone
The days they pass so strange
you know what I mean?
I’m barely getting paid, my chick is so far gone
Can’t stand living in this old skin, no not tonight

Hey man! What you doing tonight?
Lets grab a smoke and go for a ride,
to pass the time

And night speeds by in sleek stream line
The sun sinks far beyond deep blankets of night
We transgress every boarder through horizon lines
A perfect patch of pitch-less black
just ahead in sight: inside

Hey man! what you doing tonight?
Lets grab a smoke and go for a ride,
to pass the time

Go-go custom car commando
bring this thing to its crescendo
Winding roads just may end you
In the end you may just find true blue

Nothing matters now!
How could it matter now?
Track Name: St. Anthony
Flesh bound wrath,
and hungry hands,
enough to deconstruct a man,
dragged across the pavement
where he’d scream:
“Lovers enter threshold so kindly,
but they’ve been unkind inside me”

St. Anthony would bear the blows
semen in the wounds that would not close
in boiling pits
of carrion pitch
i am alone

Six months later in that barren, black room
he showed us what a lover scorned could do
We’d catch the bits of blood
they could not stamp out
and run our fingers over every bruise

St. Anthony would bear the blows
semen in the wounds that would not close
in boiling pits
of carrion pitch

I am alone
Track Name: Chloe
I’m alone I’m alone
stumbling between vacancies
I’m alone I’m alone
and the sycophants, they make you freeze
Chloe - rotting goddess under glass,
deprivation, self abuse - sooth as eyes leer past

“I’m alone, I’m alone” she says

O Chloe - my tears become a wreath,
to wrap around your neck, burning sacraments
burning sacraments
on the alter of Chloe’s discontent

I’m alone, I’m alone - intrepid, unsteady, I’m ready

You the tepid water the world would wade through
snarling, voracious, as they drink unkind from you
and your effigy will burn if you build it to,
and your sacrifice would last a lifetime
if you need it to
and the fires burn your face ash grey
as you sit in your silent room, dissolving away
So much missing time
So much missing time
O Chloe

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